Business Solutions

Our primary focus is BUSINESS - and helping local businesses meet their need for skilled workers.

Through a system of local workforce centers, we offer a surprising variety of services at no charge to you. For example, we provide assistance with:

  • Employee recruitment
  • Applicant screening
  • Interview rooms
  • Job fairs
  • Average wage information for occupations / industries
  • Training funds
  • Tax credits, bonding, and other money saving tools
  • Workshops

To find assistance, contact a WorkForce Center near you and talk to a business services representative.

We also strive to meet your need for skilled employees by working with job seekers, provide individual training opportunities, counseling, employment planning, and workshops to improve work etiquette and soft skills.

See Our Statistics page for UI Rates and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aren't all workers in your system just low-income or inexperienced workers?
NO! Skilled workers who were laid off are required to register in the system to be eligible for Unemployment Insurance Benefits. Local colleges encourage graduates to register.

Is there a charge for using Workforce Center Services?
No. Workforce center operations are funded with Federal and State funds received by the local workforce development board through a contract with the Texas Workforce Commission.

Where can I find Unemployment Insurance Information?
Learn more about Unemployment Insurance on this page!

What is the federal minimum wage?
$6.55 effective July 24, 2008
$7.25 effective July 24, 2009

Labor laws and rules are scattered all over, isn't there someplace I can find what I need in one place?
YES! TWC has a book called "Especially For Employers" that you can view on-line or request a copy.

Do you still take day labor postings?
YES! Contact Business Services Staff

Where can I find information about Tax Credits?
On our Information Hub and Money Saving Ideas page!

What type of job seeker screening do you offer?
Business services staff can collect applications for you and you can pick up or we can deliver them at set intervals. We can screen applications for minimum qualifications.

Are there advantages in hiring ex-offenders?
$5,000 Bonding can be provided if needed, Tax credits are available for qualified ex-offenders, Ex-offenders are motivated to work!


This document contains vital information about requirements, rights, determinations, and/or responsibilities for accessing workforce system services.  Language services, including the interpretation/translation of this document, are available free of charge upon request.

Este documento contiene información importante sobre los requisitos, los derechos, las determinaciones y las responsabilidades del acceso a los servicios del sistema de la fuerza laboral.  Hay disponibles servicios de idioma, incluida la interpretación y la traducción de documentos, sin ningún costo y a solicitud.