Career Solutions

YOUR employment SUCCESS is our goal - and we have what you need to get there. Choose the employment services that you need from the wide variety available - either at your local Workforce Center or through the internet.

  • A statewide job matching system that lets you register for work and search for job openings locally or anywhere in the state
  • File for Unemployment Insurance Benefits online
  • Computers, phones and fax for job search
  • Information on the labor market, training, job search, child care and much, much more

If you are a veteran, ex-offender, dislocated worker, earn a low income, employed or unemployed, youth, or welfare and food stamp recipient - we have services designed to help you find a job!

For more information, contact your local workforce center or see Information and Internet Resources .

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a charge for using the Career Center?
    No. Workforce center operations are funded with Federal and State funds received by the local workforce development board through a contract with the Texas Workforce Commission.

  • Will I qualify for unemployment?
    Unemployment Insurance is handled directly by the Texas Workforce Commission through call centers located around the state. To find out more information about unemployment insurance benefits, please visit the web site or call 800-939-6631.

  • Will Workforce Solutions get a job for me?
    No. Workforce Solutions has the tools and qualified staff to help you get a job. We are not a personnel or temporary employment agency.

  • I registered for work but I haven't been matched with any jobs. Why?
    Job postings match with individuals who have the skills to do the job, and match region, pay, preferences, etc. You may need to change your preferences to expand the number of job postings that match with you. For example, if you entered your desired minimum wage as $20.00 per hour for jobs that normally pay $10.00 per hour, you are unlikely to get a match. Job seeker staff at the workforce center can help you review your application.

  • Can you help with my resume?
    Yes, we have short workshops on this subject in most centers that will help you develop your resume.

  • Do you have out-of-state job listings?
    The official job matching system for the state of Texas is Out of state listings are normally not entered on this site. However, please visit our Job Search Page for web sites that post jobs nationally.

  • I have a complaint about my employer, where do I go?
    It depends on the type of complaint. Visit our Information Hub to find out more.

  • Don?t you help people go to school?
    Yes. We can help you identify occupations you are best suited for and training for those occupations. We can help you locate financial aid resources to help you through school. For eligible individuals we can sometime assist with tuition, fees, and/or supportive services.

  • Do you have or take applications for certain companies?
    Yes. Certain businesses prefer that job applicants fill out the company's application and use the workforce center to receive and screen the applications based on the requirements of the job. If you are interested in applying for a job at a company that uses this service, simply ask customer service or business services staff how to apply.

  • I could get a job but I need childcare and it's too expensive. Is there help with childcare?
    A program to subsidize the cost of child care for low income parents who work or attend school is available. The amount you pay depends on your income and number of children. Visit our Child Care page for more information.

  • Where can I take a typing test?
    At your local workforce center. There is no charge.

  • What is the federal Minimum wage?
    $6.55, effective July 24, 2008
    $7.25, effective July 24, 2009


This document contains vital information about requirements, rights, determinations, and/or responsibilities for accessing workforce system services.  Language services, including the interpretation/translation of this document, are available free of charge upon request.

Este documento contiene información importante sobre los requisitos, los derechos, las determinaciones y las responsabilidades del acceso a los servicios del sistema de la fuerza laboral.  Hay disponibles servicios de idioma, incluida la interpretación y la traducción de documentos, sin ningún costo y a solicitud.